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100Mb con. disk overload problem


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i config. disc cache setting same as writing on F.A.Q

on - Reduce memorry

on - enable caching disk write

on - enable cahching of disk reads

on - turn of read caching.

on - remove old blocks from cahce

on - increase automatic cahce size

on - disable windows caching

others are not picked.


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USB? You need to enable expanding the Disk Cache. How fast are you down/uploading?

You really should move active DOWNLOADING to an internal drive and only upload (if you're not going over several MiBps) from the external.

Some people find as little as 100 MiB is OK, others go with 1000... depends on what ELSE you do on your system while torrenting.

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International Standard MebiByte, since hard drive manufacturers use MB to mean 10^6... 1 MiB is 1048576 Bytes, aka "1 meg" "megs" the computer uses.

Uploading @ 5 ... I'd make sure that external is on it's own controller (don't attach it to the same cluster as other devices)... start @ 100 lie I said above. See what happens. Are you downloading to the external as well?

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