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Using Rogers High-Speed Internet for Torrents


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Recently I moved to a new appartment and used Rogers for my ISP. There's a download cap of 95GB, In the past 3 days I've used...

Download Usage: 4.15 GB

Upload Usage: 16.61 GB

Total Usage: 20.76 GB

I don't mind seeding my files to others, but I don't want to give them 4x the amount of data, is there any way to reduce the speed that people upload from me? how do you get around this downloading cap?

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Make sure you set things up properly as described in that guide. From there, you can (I suppose) lower the upload rate manually in Preferences > Bandwidth, but just don't lower it too much :P

FYI, Rogers is known to throttle BitTorrent traffic, so that *might* explain some of the trouble you have with downloading quickly (relatively to upload rates anyhow).

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