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372 folders instantly transferred by uTorrent

Pixel Eater

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I had roughly 400 torrents in a folder called "Music" and the rest of my torrents go in a folder called "Completed".

Recently I had to reload and "Force Re-Check" my entire collection because of a crash. I had just finished re-checking all of the Music torrents. Since I wasn't going to be downloading much music for the moment, I changed my "Move completed downloads to" folder to S:\Downloads\Completed

So all of my torrents from Music were transferred on the spot.

It's pretty cool that uTorrent can do that, but I need those all back in Music. So far all I know I can do is the whole job again, of making it think it has 0% of each torrent, resetting the location and re-checking it, and then it transfers back under "Move completed downloads to: S:\Downloads\Music".

Is there a less involved way to do this?

Thanks for reading :)

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