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The ports just wont open?


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I've tried about everything to get the ports for uTorrent open!

But it just wont work?

Currently we have a ADSL-modem -- VoIP modem -- Linksys WRT54Gv5 setup, the ADSL modem got no security features whatsoever, the VoIP modem got the IP address DMZ-hosted, which is the IP our WRT54Gv5 is receiving, and the WRT54Gv5 got IP DMZ-hosted, which is the static IP my computer uses?

Isn't DMZ-hosting supposed to bypass the entire NAT-firewall?

How on earth is it possible that my uTorrent port is still blocked then?

I also tried with only opening one specific port and use that in uTorrent, no luck with that either.

Also tried with simply forwarding port 1 - 65536, nothing..

The really odd thing is that sometimes the Icon becomes green and it works, and perhaps a few hours later it's red? Mostly it's yellow? Is it supposed to behave like that?

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