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i have a pesky ultra amount of viruses, please help


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i currently have a plethora of Trojan horse viruses, this occurred about a week and a half ago. Every time i log on there is one more porn icon along with some anti virus software icon. And there is pop ups every 30 secs for anti virus software and every once in a while a black box pops saying 1 file copied, this is probably every hour or so. It isnt from other software because i don't download anything from the internet except stuff from utorrent, and all i download from utorrent are music, games, and software. I don't go on any porn sites or anything so i know it must be utorrent. Plus on the same day my brother got the same thing and it got heavily embedded in his HD fast, he is currently on his second format and heavy virus scan of his backup files. And it also changes my background every couple days, it was blue, then white and now white saying i should order some anti virus software. So does anyone have a clue of what this is and what caused it and how to fix it? so im saying does anyone else have this problem with utorrent right now? i mean besides my brother and i. Thanks

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... uTorrent doesn't do anything like that. You or your brother (since you're on the same LAN with different computers) have unpatched computers and/or can't help but download "my best program - cracked".

This isn't a virus support forum however if you don't already have an AV, get one. Many people use Spybot Search & Destroy for things like you describe. I would also suggest a re-install if you don't know how to clean winlogon hooks (you can post a HiJackThis logfile if you have no idea what I'm on about).

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Going to help you. Follow these directions closely. 1st. only run one AV program on your computer. No computer operating system functions correctly with 2 AV's runnignat once. They have conflicts; though, you won't see them. 2nd. you said you had Spybot. Open it up and run it in advanced mode. Go to tools, and then pick Resident. There are 2 check-boxes, make sure they are both unchecked. Update spybot. Then close it, do not run a scan. 3. Go get MalwareBytes Anti-Malware from the net. Install it and get updates. Do Not Scan with this yet either. 4. Go get Regsupreme from the net. It's free for 30 days and this is needed to help solve your problem. Get updates for it but do not run it yet. 5. Get Combofix, but do not run it. When you do run this, DO NOT TOUCH THE SCREEN AT ALL WHILE THIS IS RUNNING. But your not going to run it yet anyways. 6. Get ResetTeaTimer.bat from the web and place it on your desktop. 7. Get ATF-Cleaner from the web and install it. OK. Now your ready to start fixing.

Order to follow:

Let each program finish before starting the next.

1. In your run, start msconfig. Pick selective startup under the general tab. Uncheck Load Startup Items. Click ok for computer restart.

2. Run resetteatimer.bat from desktop.

3. Run Malwarebytes complete scan (not quick)

4. Run ATF-Cleaner with all selected.


6. Run RegSupreme

7. restart computer

8. go to run, and msconfig, and place in normal startup mode.

9. restart computer.

10. see if problems are gone. If yes (We hope) then continue

11. start spybot, immunize all, then go to tools, then resident, check both boxes. Close spybot.

12. restart computer.

13. run your AV program. (remember. only one AV program runs on your computer at a time, not both at once. Choose the best one).

Hope all this helps. I wanted to add in HiJackThis. but you really need to be well-versed to work with this program.

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Kmiske if you want my advice you should download AVG. Its an excellent program,its free unless you want to upgrade to AVG 8 which I've done. It runs a scan at whatever interval you set it to and it tells you what viruses and T.Js you've picked up and it deletes them. The only difference between the two is that AVG 8 has a firewall and AVG 7 doesn't so you would have to use the Windows firewall which isn't so good.


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I'm new to utorrent. I'd downloaded 100% of the files I was afer and was letting my PC upload files to get a better ratio - when I suddenly noticed a download of data which obviously wasn't scheduled! Firewall blocked these new programs and Adware picked up one as suspicious...




seem to be the main ones that's trying to access the internet all the time - they could be legit, but I'd rather block them and be safe not sorry until someone can tell me what they are! :)

If these are adware/malware/viruses then I'm a bit sad that someone would use uTorrent in this way!

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It's not even like your browser. Browser have (the potential for) lots of security issues that viruses can exploit to enter your system. µTorrent has no such security issues.

If you downloaded a virus using µTorrent you still had to open the virus yourself to get infected. If you are sure you didn't download/open anything suspicious through µTorrent it is more likely you got your virus through a browser security flaw or an innocent looking email. In any case µTorrent can not be the cause of a virus infection. Not directly. Not indirectly. It's pretty much like blaming your network cable for a virus/malware infection.

It's good to see people wanting to help you out with this but this isn't really the place for help with malware/viruses. This forum is NOT for help with anything you've downloaded! and that includes viruses/malware.

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