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Router and Upload


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I have problems with my upload and download...

I have skim through the forums and it helped me out with a couple of problems I have.

I made sure I don't have a firewall on, from router, anti-virus software, and windows.

My browsing was lagging everytime whem Im using uTorrent to download... so I found a similar problem on the forums.

The post mention that it could probably be the router unable to handle udp packets, and the solution

to that problem is to disable DHT. So I disabled DHT, but my browser is still laggy.

If anyone can help me, here are some questions that I'm curious about:

I have the D-Link DI-642, its a piece of junk, is there any good router out there thats worth looking into?

What is a good recommendation for a router that will be able to run uTorrent downloads/uploads smoothly without causing any problems like slow browsing?

I only have one torrent being downloaded, it has SEEDS:9(15000) and PEERS:10(36000).

With so many seeds and so many peers, why am I connected to so few, and why am I

downloading at 5-10kb/s when I have cable?

On another note, Im trying to upload... it is also extremely slow, arond .05-5kb/s, with one torrent open.

How can I fix this problem so that I can upload at my full potential?

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!

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