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uTorrent has lost my existing part-download


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Not sure how or why this happened - have been using uTorrent quite happily for a few months now

For some reason, uTorrent crashed my computer one night - when I checked it in the morning, I had to force-reboot my computer.

When everything loaded back up again, uTorrent had lost the links to all of the torrent files, the part-files it had already downloaded.... everything

I've tried everything I can think of to re-instate the association of the part-files with uTorrent, but nothing works.

If I re-associate (using "Open With" when double-clicking) a torrent file with uTorrent, it simply enters the torrent details as a new download, and starts downloading the whole file again

How can I save my GIGS AND GIGS of partially downloaded files, and get uTorrent to continue downloading these files, where it left off?

All help & suggestions appreciated

PS: I've just upgraded to the latest version 1.8.1..... and I have NOT changed any of the settings.

All my save file / torrent file directories are the same as they were when the program was working correctly



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ok, i've had a read through the various posts regarding this common problem

couple of points and questions, that i'm not sure of the answers from the other posts.....

1: My resume.dat & resume.dat.old files are all 1kb, so I cannot restore them

2: There are no .bad files in the APPDATA uTorrent folder

3: When I downloaded and installed uTorrent & started using it, NOWHERE was there any indication that I should manually back-up the .dat files, or the entire APPDATA folder. Surely, after so many reports of crashes, the developers would fix this problem?

4: I have many GIGs of partially downloaded files, in a folder called "Current Downloads" My Torrent files are in a folder called "Torrent Files". Inside the settings page, I had these folders set, in their relevant positions, and all completed torrents saved to "Completed Files"

5: I have created new folders with different names - moved all the files from the original folders, into the new ones - opened uTorrent & re-set the path settings to indicate the new folders. I then went and manually dragged/dropped all the torrent files into uTorrent, and re-added them to the list.

6: I highlighted all files, and forced re-check

7: This has not solved my problem. What I want, is for uTorrent to continue downloading my torrent files, where it left off before the crash.


If there is no way of doing this, and I have to start downloading all those files again from beginning, then surely there is a MAJOR problem with the programming of uTorrent, and there is no way I will continue using it. I will find a different/better program to use.

But I'm very happy using uT at the moment, so I'm hoping someone can step me through the process

Thanx in advance


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Thanks for the parts you are unclear on and I'll try to answer your questions the best I can.

First, if this was a common problem I think the developers would try to find a better way to not make it so ;) They don't like inconveniencing users if avoidable. Most problems with resume.dat stem from... power loss/outage and windows crashes... both things uT cannot anticipate. In events things don't happen to be salvageable (there is a backup afterall) there's some documentation around which explains general ideas to keep in mind. Thank you for persisting in troubleshooting. Some people wouldn't even try that hard :/

Now for your points

1) :(

2) OK

3) It doesn't happen on updates unless something keeps uTorrent from closing (usually Zone Alarm). You don't need to backup the whole directory unless you want a portable profile http://utorrent.com/faq.php#How_can_I_backup_my_settings.3F (and the immediately above point)

4) With these default settings, you can turn off the auto-prompt dialogs and re-add your torrents... or use http://utorrent.com/migration_guide.php With the show dialogs options in preferences disabled, uTorrent checks for your data on-load in BOTH the downloading and completed folders.

5) Changing things up for more organization since you have to mess with it anyway... OK ;)

6) OK ... What does the Status column say (or Status in General tab)

7) It will do that when you set the path correctly, check Save As on the General tab to see where you told uTorrent to save it (To repath inside uT, Right click on torrent in main pane, Advanced, Set Download Location and CLICK on file/folder; To repath OUTSIDE you can use the BFE with uTorrrent closed to tell uT the data locations... but you really should know your layout exactly as Find/Replace All saves SO MUCH time)

8) If my explanation is unclear please advise further.

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