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Axxecelera Wireless Broadband_Lowest Speed!!


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Hi Guys,

I have Wirless Broadband Connection using Axxecelera Broadband, an antina on my roof and a small charger type router or whatever connected to my PC via LAN & then to antina.

Now its beyond my understanding why I am getting daaamn bad speed for my torrents. The connection speed is usual 512KB. The average speed is always between 5-10KB/s. I am using a HP DV6500 with AMD64x2, RAM 2GB.

Guys, I am pretty F***** up by trying and searching the solution, all efforts but the download speed never goes up.

I was downloading some BLURAY STUFF, i changed it to normal torrent with in intention that this might work, but no avail. I reinstalled the utorrent, restarted the system..bla bla... but how poor I am that I am getting a 3kb speed with 33 lechers and 10 seeders.

Any help? I just got the connection for torrents only.


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