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uTorrent showing red exclamation mark


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Hello. I would like to ask about what's going on with uTorrent in the last few days. I changed my ISP and since then uT shows me a red exclamation mark regardless of the port I choose. As far as I can tell, I don't have slow internet speed, but what bugs me is that it was green the same day before I switched.

My previous ISP configuration was over PPPoE protocol, but now it's with static IP, gateway and DNS added manually. I've tried port forwarding and I had no luck (I'm not behind a router). Then I started looking for programs to scan for open ports. There were times when they didn't even detect an open port. I am using 4 programs that connect to the internet + NOD32 v3.0.6 so there should be some opened ports for those programs. I re-installed windows (Vista Ultimate x64 with latest updates now) and I see 7 opened ports. One of them is used by QIP (ICQ clone) for a listening port for file sharing. If the program is running, this port is always shown on the scanned list. I use that for uTorrent and it still shows up as a red exclamation mark (test on utorrent site gives me a green though).

I called my ISP and they said that I can be sure that there's no port filtering and that the problem is somewhere on my end. I tried the speed guide and disabled NOD32, but the result is always the same. I am not sure if this is of vital importance, but the change didn't hint me to something positive. I googled a lot about this, but couldn't find a solution so if anyone has something to add, please do so. I appreciate it. :)


I guess I'll answer myself then. :D I've been looking into this for a long time now and I was thinking of removing all the files that utorrent creates, but for some reason I thought they couldn't be the problem. Well I removed them a few minutes ago and uTorrent is green again and opening ports normally. I am currently restoring my previous settings so if it happens again, I'll try to identify the problem.

Edit 2: I've redone all my settings and everything seems to be normal right now. I don't know what crapped up in the settings before, but in case someone has this issue I suggest this method. :)

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What "files" did you remove?? :o you never said. Im having this same issue after installing AVG internet security. I modified AVG like crazy to open up ports and allow utorrent related protocols but even this didnt work 100% and it ultimately messed up utorrent. I disabled AVG for now and havent ran it. I seem to be uploading fine and I can still download at at high speeds but im still seeing the Red Exclamation point like you did.

So what was your fix exactly?


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