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can someone tell me if im using utorrent right?


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ok some im new at this

i have a laptop with xp and sp2, and i installed utorrent on it,

only i dont get internet so i have to get wi-fi at my library

so i go to thepiratebay and try to download a file

but the file stays at 0% no matter how long i wait, even like 2 hours, so im thinking the connection isnt strong enough

my wi-fi at the library is only 4 bars, is that a big enough connection?

or is 0% normal

i have firewall to(sunbelt), should i uninstall it?

someone help me please cuz i cant figure out what the problem is

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Dwl the OO suite is a good test to see if your settings are correct and if your bandwith is not filtered.

In addition, OO suite is a popular sofwatre so you will find a packet of peers and it's legal content.

Go here http://distribution.openoffice.org/p2p/ (choose randomly options, it doesn't matter) and dwl then load the .torrent in uT. Then make a screenshot of uT to see where uT behaves.

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