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The Mystery To End All Mysteries!!


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So this is the scenario,

My utorrent 1.8.1 port refuses to be listed on canyouseeme.org as open....but this is what bugs me:

1. I have forwarded that port on my router

2. I have setup a static ip

3. I have disabled both my firewall (Zonealarm) and Virus scanner (NOD32)

4. I have added the port the windows firewall exceptions list (this firewall is turned off anyway)

5. In my router (Netgear WPN824v2) I have set the NAT filtering to open, to allow all incoming connections and set up it's DMZ. Oh and im using WinXP SP3

But still to my great annoyance and now complete loss of hope it refuses to be open and my utorrent still has that little yellow triangle warning symbol down the bottom of the page. Oh and my download rate are on par with dialup speed!!!

Thoughts, Suggestions and anything will be much much appreciated.



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