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lost my utorrent settings !! speed dropped


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I am on a college network and i use utorrent 1.8.1 . I used to get good download speeds with utorrent. Around 300KB/s on a good seeded torrent. Interestingly , if i had like 10 active downloads at the same time , alltogether i used to get around 2.5 MB/s (It really didn't affect the individual downloading speed even if i downloaded more at the same time :) ) .

Everything was just fine until i recently formatted my hard disk. I lost all my utorrent settings. These settings was actually set by one of my friend from college (he was my senior in college ). I have no means to contact him. Now the download speeds are like 25KB/s on a high seeded torrent.

When i download any file using the internet explorer or firefox, i get a low speed of around 10KB/s. But when i use any download accelerator , it could go upto 300 KB/s and also i can download like 20+ files at the same time without affecting individual download speeds.

It could be really helpful if anyone could help me with the best utorrent settings for my kind of internet connection

Thanks for your time :)

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download speed: 256kbps

upload speed: 889kbps

Are those numbers reversed?

Worse, even 889 kilobits/second is BARELY over 100 KiloBYTES/second.

DON'T use the 1 megabit/second upload settings in Speed Guide, your line doesn't seem that fast!

Instead use 800 kilobits/second (or lower) upload settings in the 2nd link of my signature.

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Hi I tested my network speed on utorrent..

I tested with the city fort worth texas cuz i live near it..and my down speed was 961 Kb/s and up speed was 188 kb/s I want to know which setting should i use for this speed...I have used utorrent for a long time but now i m tired of waiting days for a torrent of 5 gigs please reply

appreciate it


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i got my old speed back :) ..

i set the "upload speed limit" to unlimited and also increased the "number of peers connected per torrent" to a 2000 ..

now my utorrent speeds are like :

down: around 300 KB/s

upload: above 600 KB/s (Even crossed 1 MB/s)

but am still wondering if am losing some download speed due to this high upload speed..

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