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No incoming connections/possible Trillian conflict


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I'm not new to uTorrent, but I am new to posting in regards to this program. Yesterday, when I opened the program, and started downloading, a window popped up and asked me if I would like to upgrade to 1.8.1, so I did, during the middle of a download. It actually updated very quickly, small file I guess. Didn't even let me know it was finished. After the program reboots, or whatever it did, the program came back up, continued with the download, but it had to check it's contents, a blue progress bar went across the screen with a percentage in it where it would normally show my download progress instead. That isn't the real issue though. When the installation was done for the upgrade, I notice a new icon at the bottom. It's a triangle. I run my cursor over it, and it says, "No incoming connections. Unless the icon turns green, it could indicate a problem with your network connection." There are times when this icon turns red as well, with an exclamation point in it. It has a different message when I run my cursor over it, and I don't remember what it says. It has something to do with my router/firewall though. I double-clicked the triangle icon and did a Speed Guide check and chose to test my port. It wasn't opened. My question is, how did it close? I haven't changed anything on this computer except download the new version of uTorrent, and a multi-messenger program called Trillian. Therein lies the problem, with Trillian opened and running, I believe it causes a conflict with uTorrent. I've closed Trillian, and then reopened uTorrent, and I get a green circle with a checkmark in it. If I have both running, usually Trillian first, and then uTorrent, it goes back to the triangle icon. Is it possible for this to happen? Has anyone else had this problem? I have not changed anything on my computer at all. No router changes, and I've done nothing to my firewall/av program...which is Kaspersky Internet Security 2009.

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