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need to do a reinstaltion of windows but dont want to lose progress


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Ive got lots of 1/2 done torrents and some that haven't even started yet in my que. I need to do a reinstlation of windows however so how do I not lose all my downloads?

I know I can copy my incomplete folder to an external hard drive and after the reinstallation, copy it back. If I then had the .torrent files I could restart them that way without losing progress, but I dont have the .torrent files for most of them.

Is there a way round this other than searching for them all again?


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Yep that's the procedure.

Before formating or reinstalling your computer, save on your external HD your (un)finished data (with uTorrentPartFile.dat too) AND all the folder in AppData (FAQ).

This folder contains all your .torrents and settings/resume.dat. After formatting, just copy/paste your data and this folder.


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