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Significantly HUGE speed drop...


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Alright so I'm at a college residence in Canada. My torrents were going around 400 kb+/s then all of a sudden a few weeks into the school year they dropped like crazy. Now my max speed is ~20kb/s. I've also noticed youtube etc is pretty choppy. I'm guessing the school limited my traffic or something? What can I do. Oh one last thing. I was downloading some 50MB files from rapidshare or something and they were going at ~2MB/s.... so wth.... Any help appreciated :)

EDIT: Things I forgot to mention:

My icon at the bottom is yellow and says (no incoming connections)

Switched the port many times and it did nothing

Deleted the settings files

Tried other clients

Friend has same problem

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Not really sure what you're asking for but I'm guessing it's one of these...

Connection-specific DNS Suffix: fc.ca

Description: Intel® PRO/100 VE Network Connection

Physical Address: 00-16-D3-A1-F8-92

DHCP Enabled: Yes

IPv4 IP Address:

IPv4 Subnet Mask:

Lease Obtained: October-14-08 3:15:02 PM

Lease Expires: October-15-08 4:55:15 AM

IPv4 Default Gateway:

IPv4 DHCP Server:

IPv4 DNS Servers:,

IPv4 WINS Server:

NetBIOS over Tcpip Enabled: Yes

Link-local IPv6 Address: fe80::2178:13a8:2249:473b%8

IPv6 Default Gateway:

IPv6 DNS Server:

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