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RSS Downloader Broken


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Not sure how to post this, but here goes nothing.

I try to add a favorite on the RSS downloader and it'll add just that favorite. It won't work when I try to modify the filter or when I try to add one in myself.

I followed the directions that were on the site to the letter, and it won't work. So maybe someone here can help me with it.

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If you're just matching name, you need a * prepending the text, as you see the decoded name reads the [] text as well. So *Tales?of?the?Abyss* should work as well as *Tales*of*the*Abyss*

I'm not sure how the - and numbers affect the decode...

ALSO, note that you can't usually use ep filters on entries with resolution data in them. AND you should put your groups you DON'T want in the not filter.

Please reply with updates :D

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