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Download speed issue / upload issue.


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UPDATE: Possible cause in post 7. =/

I'm having a problem with my download speed. About a week ago, it just started being problematic. It goes up and down randomly but mostly just stays in the 5-20kB/s range. Also, my upload seems to be stuck at 0-1kB/s, even though I have it set much higher

in uTorrent's settings.

ISP: Shaw Cable High Speed

Speedtest.net results (I ran four tests):

1. 2904/472, ping:95ms/~100mi

2. 1271/453, ping:150ms/~150mi

3. 2606/470, ping:91ms/~750mi

4. 2885/474, ping:102/~1150mi

The download seems to vary a lot depending on the time of day, the day of the week and sometimes just for the hell of it. The

upload is usually pretty constant. =/

uTorrent settings:

max upload rate: 47kB/s

max download rate: 250kB/s

global max connections: 100

max connections per torrent: 40

upload slots per torrent: 4

Router: Linksys WRT54GSv6.0, firmware: v1.52.5

Ports are fowarded properly.

utorrent is added to windows firewall exceptions (I also turned off the firewall and tried it. No difference)

virus scanner: AVG Anti-Virus free (doesn't have a firewall AFAIK, so it shouldn't be a problem)

I tried turning off PeerGuardian 2. No difference.

I tried that slackware torrent and this is what happened:

up to 100kB/s in a few secs

down to 90

down to 80

down to 70

up to 80

down to 60

up to 70

down to 50

continues to vary between 40-90

I'm downloading a few tv show torrents from eztv (one at a time) and they go up to 50-80kB/s and then back down to 10kB/s and then go up and down constantly.

I also tried a heavily seeded torrent from What.cd and it easily downloaded at my max of 250kB/s.

If I missed anything you need, go ahead and ask and I'll post it.

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"We are sorry, the test failed due to a problem.

The connection to the measurement server was lost. Please try again by clicking here."

I keep getting this error. Sometimes I get it right away and sometimes, I get close to finishing (like 30 seconds away this time!) before it dies.

And when I try and run another test, I usually get this:

"We are sorry. Our measurement servers are currently busy. Please try again later."

The site's been busy for a couple of days now. Any other, more reliable, sites out there?



Whoa. Okay. Apparently my ports are NOT forwarded properly. At least, not completely.

I ran utorrents port checker thing and got the "OK! Port x is open and accepting connections." message. I decided to refresh the page a bunch of times just to make sure.

4 in a row ok

2 error

3 ok

1 error

1 ok

2 error

And then it just goes on randomly like that. What could block the port only some of the time?

I closed PG2, turned off windows firewall AND connected my computer directly to the modem. Same problem. This is truly baffling. o_O

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Whoa is for sure.

Dramzen, the EXACT same thing is happening on my XP machine, and started only recently as you have experienced.

I even tried refreshing the port test page and sometimes the port shows open, sometimes closed... VERY strange.

Then just to experiment I subscribed to a privacy service that funnels my internet traffic through an encrypted VPN and voila, Utorrent works again but my max upload speed was 40 Kb/s and download wasn't much faster.

If anyone can figure this one out please post. My guess is Shaw is up to some new traffic shaping practices. :mad:

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