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Complex RSS Filter setting not working


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Hello, recently I have been having problems with my RSS filter settings for Law & Order as well as Law & Order:Special Victims Unit. I want Law & Order and Law & Order:SVU, but not Law & Order: Criminal Intent. In the previous year the settings seemed to work fine, however now my filters are not working.

Filter: *Law?&?Order*|*Law?and?Order*|*S.V.U.*|*Special?Victims?Unit*

Not: *Criminal?Intent*|*C.I.*|*CI*

Minimal interval (match always)

Everything else is left unchecked

I'm scanning a number of different RSS feeds and have Feed set to "All"

What's wrong with my filter? I looked up this post: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=14890, but the suggestions didn't seem to alleviate the issue. I should note that I'm not having a problem with any of my other RSS filters. Thanks for the help.


utorrent version: 1.81 beta

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