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Nothin hapenning....


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I opened ports correctly...I think (32459) (linksys)

even the smallest files (9mb) sits and does nothing...indicating "downloading", but not much is taking place. Bitlord did the same thing. VVerrry slow speeds(all night gave me 2% download total of some game-I dumped it)

My dslreports speed tests are 4246kps Up and 764kps Down

I think that's not bad. Apparently, there seems to be a breakdown within the interface between the keyboard and the "chair".


I. M. Noob

need help setting up setting particulars.

A tutorial maybe.

all I want is the knowledge to get my own piece of the gaming/movie p2p industry.

Need Help Bigtime.

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Read the FAQs and stickies at the top of this very forum section... Make sure you don't have NAT Error or some other error in the status bar. Make sure you forwarded your firewall ports correctly as well, if you're using one (not just the router port forwarding).

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