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2-filters per item (RSS)


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For each item I add to RSS, I'd like for there to be 2 spots for filters with the option to set either to PASS or FAIL.

Here's an example of how it can be useful for me.

For the anime Bleach, there are two fansub groups that frequently release episodes of it. Dattebayo and Conclave. I'd rather not download the conclave episodes, since they are behind that of the dattebayo releases, so in another program I use for downloading torrents from RSS (Videora) I set it like so:

Filter 1: "Bleach" Mode: PASS

Filter 2: "conclave" Mode: FAIL

So, if a torrent says Bleach in the title, but also says conclave, then the torrent is failed, but if it doesn't say conclave (meaning it's obviously a dattebayo release), then it passes and downloads the torrent.

As soon as you uTorrent can provide this and searching the whole of the name for the filtered expression (wildcard), then i'll completely rely on utorrent for automatic RSS torrent snagging and get rid of Videora.

Thank you in advance

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Anyone know if there are any plans on doing this.

I would love to see such a feature, I have the same problem as others.

example (taking bleach again)

[db]bleach - 14 [xxxxxxxx] avi

[db]bleach - 14 [ac3][xxxxxxxx] avi

a filter here could be

[db]bleach - ????????????? avi

but what is it's 14v2 and i would like to have that?

[db]bleach - 14v2 [xxxxxxxx] avi

then the filter is insuficient

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