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Seedbox Falls Over - uTorrent Forgets Torrents


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Hey guys,

Firstly, sorry if this has been posted before - I have spent the last hour or so looking for a solution.

My seedbox seems to crash/hang and forget all of the torrents. All the settings are fine, it's just having to trawl through and re-point all the torrent files and label them up again which is really, really painful.

Leading up to todays crash, I connected via the WebUI from work and saw some peculiar behaviour. My "Total Number of Active Torrents" setting is set to 9 and "Total Downloads" set to 4, but for some reason uTorrent ignored this and was downloading pretty much all of my queued downloads, completely saturating my connection.

When I got home I tried connecting via VNC, but couldn't. I could however, connect via the uTorrent's WebUI. I couldn't gracefully shutdown by a single press of the power button, so after two minutes had to resort to the reset switch.

This has happened a few times before - Probably about 10 unresponsive hangs or crashes - 4 or 5 of which resulting in uTorrent forgetting the torrents.

My seedbox comprises of the following:

Clean WindowsXP SP2 Install

Dedicated SATA OS Drive


AMD x2 4400+


RAID 5 Controller

One extra little query; I leave all my torrents running and don't remove them unless they're moved by a tracker. I think I've just hit 1000 total. Could this lead to any instabilities? I mean, could this be causing any issues described above?

Many thanks in advance!


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