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Speed problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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i have a problem which everybody seems to have a problem with as well

i used to download on high speeds (dl:630 kbps)

i have a 5 mb connection and am connected via router with a wireless connection which i share with two others.

i used to download pretty fast but now, barely 10 kbps (3o with luck)

i want to download some eztv shows and they dont move even after 8-22 hours (really)

i have checked my router settings and tthere is no problem with the WAN IP adress (i have a motorola surfboard whatever, a tp-link router and a modem)

even when all the other computers are off, no change

ireally hate this unbelievably annoying fact

its either a red sign or a yellow orange on the port thingy

i have changed the speed settings to the 5 mb setting given somewhere here and still, crap

please help me. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

any answer will be much apreciated.

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Dividing by 8 and multiplying by 0.8 (80%) is the same as dividing by 10.

And knocking a 0 off the end is certainly easier to do without a calculator. :P

If speed tests show your connection as having 560 kilobits/second upload, then ~56 KiloBYTES/second upload speed is about all you're likely to get in uTorrent.

...And you'll probably get considerably less than that during peak hours or if your ISP disrupts BitTorrent traffic!

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