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utorrent 1.8.1(stable) but not stable for me


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problem I found is utorrent doesn't remember my torrent jobs ,each time I restart computer and start utorrent again I must add torrent files to start new jobs.

each problem is I can't use webui ,I used to use utorrent 1.5xx with webui which it work without problems.

After I upgrade to 1.8.1. webui feature can't be used ,I reinstall it many times but it still can't be worked

What should I do?

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You could remove 1.5 completely as i think some old files left in the app data folder are left there. go to run type in %appdata% and delete the utorrent folder.

This will wipe all your torrents and settings so save you torrent files and remember your settings.

This should fix it. As utorrent is pretty much a portable app it has no hooks on the registry so you don't have to worry that anything that is left on the computer that could stuff it up.

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