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Last Try Of Feature Request


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This is the last time I try to get this idea through to you, since obviously TheLittleFire doesn't read neither my post nor the old post nor the posts he referenced to me of which none suggested anything remotely to this (yes i read them all!).

Also he didn't see my plead about not being able to bump my old thread and evolve on the discussion there, since the system won't allow me to post twice in a row, needed for a bump. If you do read old threads with new content, my apologies.

THREAD: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=47781 links to another thread. Describing the idea thourougly.

To make it short:

Active does not entail all the torrents that COULD become active without user intervention (i.e. those in seeding but not actively, or in downloading but not actively).

I would like such a category, let's call it "Not Finished".

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