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unlimit uploading speed


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yeah I thing you are right I only get 42-50kbps max.

yeah I just turned of utorrent and I get this from http://speedtest.nauticom.net/

Download Speed: 1279 kbps (159.9 KB/sec transfer rate)

Upload Speed: 174 kbps (21.8 KB/sec transfer rate)

this is what I get 2nd test

Download Speed: 1265 kbps (158.1 KB/sec transfer rate)

Upload Speed: 186 kbps (23.3 KB/sec transfer rate)

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If you're getting 30-50 right now with test values like that... I have a feeling you are hitting your limit. You can test for yourself by taking your current limit, and reducing it 5-10% at a time for several minutes and viewing your upload. Switch the Speed tab, to UPLOAD only, and set to 1 or 5 second interval. When you are uploading as fast as possible you will see a horizontal line ON the limit line. If you are seeing persistent values below the line, you set it too high, similar to if you see "waves" above the line.

(Read as: set an upload limit, "unlimited" is not good. Taking time to force uTorrent to upload a number, allows you more upload over time)

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I am referring to the Details pane.. with General, Trackers, Peers, Pieces, Files, Speed, Logger

Click Speed. Click the first drop down which by default shows download and upload. Switching to upload only helps see the horizontal line (unless you're only uploading at the moment). The second drop down goes from 1 second to 5 minute intervals. This allows between 2 min. and 10 hr. of data to be shown. Changing from 1 to 5 sec. is useful to see how different/same different upload limits are shown.

Even more useful while changing your upload would be VERIFYING you are hitting your cap, by downloading http://slackware.com/torrents/ simultaneously, switching from UPLOAD to up/down-load and checking whether or not your upload is TOO HIGH to download as fast as possible. (Downloading requires a small bit of upload, and if you're already uploading your "limit" that extra upload to download will be delayed) This would also be evident from any monitoring tool like tracert. start > run > cmd /k tracert forum.utorrent.com would be MUCH slower if you're at your upload limit... and can make 10 ms ping --> > 1000ms

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