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My Utorrent speeds are very slow? Here are my current settings


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I am having a very difficult time getting U torrent speeds above 50 kbs/ sec. Is this normal? This is the speed that I get when I follow the tutorial and try to download the ( slackware ) speed test file. Every other U torrent download is only around 14-32 kbs / sec. I have Brighthouse cable broadband and if I were to download a file with my Internet Download Manager from the net I would get speeds of up to 935 kbs / sec so I'm sure that I do not have my settings correct. I tried to follow the forums but it's very hard to follow. I had the windows firewall on and then disabled it but then turned it back on because it didn't affect my speeds. ( they were still very slow ) I also have a Sygate firewall but I have that set where it allows U torrent to get thru. Here are my settings:

Port used for incoming connections: 61822

Enable Upnp port mapping: unchecked

Enable NAT PMP port mapping : checked

Randomize port each start: checked

Add windows firewall exception: unchecked

Proxy server type : none

Global upload rate limiting

Maximum upload rate: 82 Automatic: unchecked

Alternate upload rate when not downloading: unchecked

Global Download rate: 900

Number of connections

Global maximum number: 180

Maximum number of connected peers per torrent: 55

Number of upload slots per torrent: 5

Use additional upload slots if upload speed < 90% : unchecked

Protocol encryption

Outgoing: enabled allow incoming legacy connections : checked

I have Windows XP

Does anybody have the exact settings that I should adjust to so I could get my speeds ( with high seeds ) up to 100 Kbs/ sec or is it just not possible?

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