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it would be great to have an rss scanner that adds all new entries to a list, so we can always see whats passed through the feed, even if the item is no longer in the feed, and so we never have to look at a given item from a given feed twice.

a nice layout could be a tabbed window, where the first tab is where you add/setup your feeds and a separate tab for each feed. the feed tabs could have an icon or differently colored text to indicate which ones have new entries since your last check

a feed's tab would consist of the list of items from that feed, the time of the most recent addition to the feed, and a button for clearing the list.

when listing the contents of a feed, a list view could be used where the first column has space for a "new item" icon, and each of the tags from the feed is given its own column. that way you'd see all the information, even if the feed uses non-standard tags like <seeds> and <peers>.

and lastly, there should most defiantly be a "this is a HTML feed, open with my default browser" option. theres really no automatic downloading with this system, so theres no since in limiting ourselves to just torrent files :)

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when you're reading torrent feeds, a torrent program seems like a logical place to put the rss reader to me. sure it would expand utorrent by a couple of K, but what new feature wouldn't? and how much would a separate rss reader running all the time drag down your system? it would just be yet another icon for your tray, if you ask me. if you want to minimize bloat, remove the rss scanner all together and force everyone to install a separate scanner (http://tvtad.net anyone?). a good program is about power, usability, and speed, and a small file size is just a bonus. who counts bytes nowadays anyway?

and the history tab only shows the files downloaded, and has nothing to do with this at all :P

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