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Starting utorrent as Hidden


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Hi Friends !

I need some desperate help - I came to know about the Boss Key to hide utorrent but my problem is that when the system reboots, the utorrent also startsup but it shows in the system tray.

Is there any way that utorrent starts hidden (as in the boss key mode) when the system restarts ?

Kindly help me - I hope I've asked my question clearly...

Thanks and Regards !


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Hi there !

Thank you so much for caring ad for the help - the link shows the follwoing-

How can I make µTorrent start in bosskey mode?

(1.5.1 beta 460 and later) Add /HIDE to the shortcut/path. Make sure you've set a bosskey beforehand, otherwise you will have to end the process and start it again without /HIDE to access it.

Actually I dont understand how to do the above - it will be a great help if you can kindly give me an example of the above and kindly explain how to do it...

Kindly advice and help me....

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