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Random BSOD'S


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Im getting A BSOD at random times.

I suspect it is being caused by either ZA or Nod32, but not sure.

Im running 1.8.1 Stable.

Windows XP SP3.

Zone Alarm Pro Firewall.

Nod32 anti-virus.

Starting apps -

Online Eye Pro

Realtek HD Audio Manager

Riva Tuner


2 Mni Dumps -



If theres any way anyone could help me I would greatly appreciate it. These problem's did not exist until I moved from version 1.7 to version 1.8.1

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Well it has worked well for years until the new updates from Utorrent/ZA (gives no problems OS wise for me).

Either way, Ive heard and read enough things about this Israeli security company to want to get rid of it. Plus as I read, Comodo's firewall out performs it for even the free version. Haven't had enough time to use it and test it yet but will do soon and follow the setup guide for Utorrent that is stickied.

Must say though, Versions of ZA YEARS ago were pretty good. Company sold out and went to shit like most do... =\

I don't know to much about firewalls... Would I be better off just running threw my router without a software firewall and just open ports I need or run both. Atm I do not use my router at all and have a straight connection to modem.

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Well I installed Comodo (configured ports, etc, etc)yesterday and ran a short 1 hour test and it didn't crash. Im gonna have to run it for longer periods of time as they were random to begin with. Must say I do like the advanced configuration options that are in it. Far superior firewall to ZA. Hope this fixes my BSOD problems. :D

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