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Keeping Ratio after formating HD


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Further to this issue, I have purchased a new top O' the line system and had the forethought to save my downloads to separate 3TB My Book hard drives. I ahve read the "Migrating to another computer" section of the Help Files, but it is not helpful at least to me. How can I (or can I) migrate uTorrent to my new computer without losing my ratio, my preferences, etc.? Current Preferences are: I currently have my "New Downloads" going to my 1TB My Book -G Drive, I have my Completed Downloads being Moved to my 1TB My Book-F Drive, My "Finished Torrents" going to my F-Drive, My torrents to be downloaded going to my G-Drive, and I have my torrents initially loaded into my G-Drive. On my current system, I have "C" as my primary drive of course, a DVD Burner as my "D" drive and a second DVD Burner as my "E" drive. I store my Burned DVDs on my "H" drive. My new System also has two DVD burners so the drive letters will not change. From this you can see that if I am able to migrate uTorrent.exe and it's preferences\settings, I would be good to go. What I need are step by step instructions for migrating the program. I have no clue what the help file means (for example) by an "encapsulated installation" and there is no explanation of how to access the "uTorrent Settings Directory" or the %AppData%\uTorrent, or how to make sure the Paths are correct, among other flaws. Finally, I'd like to avoid this in the future by simply installing uTorrent itself on a removable My Book drive, but I am assuming that for this migration, that point is moot, as a successful migration would require it to be installed on the "C" drive of the new computer, as it is on the old. HELP--QUICKLY PLEASE! I am chomping at the bit to set up my new AMD Phenom Quad Core, 64Bit, WiFi/Blu Tooth capable, with TV and 8GB memory----Sex Kitten.


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