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Sudden Loss of Speed...


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My uTorrent download speeds have suddenly dropped into single digits. I've gone through all of the advice on this site for dealing with problems prior to posting, step by step, to no avail. Any settings that were advised to be changed have been left at the recommended values. Upon running a port scan, I discovered that it appears NONE of my ports are responding. I've not yet been able to access the Glasnost test to check for throttling, but I'm somehow doubting this is the problem.

uTorrent indicates there are no incoming connections (surprise).

I've shut down all firewalls, and I'm connecting directly to my cable router (Scientific-American DPC2100). It does not appear I can forward ports with this router. I'm with Comcast, and running XP.

I was receiving great download speeds, and the only significant system change I can recall making is updating to the newest version of uTorrent. Is it possible this has something to do with it?

Thanks for your help guys!


I used Glasnost, and it concluded I'm not being throttled. These were some of the results:

Transfer Speed TCP Speed BitTorrent Conclusion

Download #0 3143 Kbps 3143 Kbps No rate limiting

Download #1 3117 Kbps 3136 Kbps No rate limiting

Upload #0 1571 Kbps 2320 Kbps No rate limiting

Upload #1 1088 Kbps 1077 Kbps No rate limiting

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After attempting everything I've seen suggested (and thanks for the help!), I reverted to uTorrent 8.1 and now am downloading at normal speeds. I don't know precisely what the issue my setup has with 8.1.1, but I'll be poking around to try and figure it out, as it seems a number of other users are experiencing a similar problem.

Thanks again!

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