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Q: Possible to Split Torrent download to two clients?


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Computer 1 is downloading torrent X.

Torrent X is large, So I boot up Computer 2.

Computer 2 picks up someone else connection (pwn!)

Computer 1 then only requests first half of torrent X and Computer 2 then only requests second half of torrent X.

Therefore two computers, on different connections requesting certain sections. In theory will download faster.

Im aware that I can not split someone elses torrent, but considering torrents download in little bits in random places. Allocating 50% of torrent to each computer possible?


I done this before with torrelay.com but that was already split into many sections.

Im asking being inquisitive as my torrents always download slowish. I program PHP nothing else so I can not make an app to do this.

Thanks, NuWeb

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moogly, thanks for the swift reply.

I have done this like you say with multiple files, it was more efficient. I use uT & torrelay to do this.

I figured its not a feature with uT, as probably a feature that requires vast coding and little use (apart from me) in real world for ONE entire file.

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The only way that this would be possible and beneficial is if you have 1 internet connection for both of the computers and the computers have to be on the same LAN. To do this you would run the torrent that you want on both computers so they are both downloading it using the separate connections. uTorrent would then, using Local Peer Discovery, share all of the data between the 2 computers using the local network.

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