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seed and peer column show zeros for inactive torrents


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I dug around on the board and read the stickies, but I can't find any mention of this.

the situation is:

-running utorrent 1.8

-I've set bt.scrape_stopped = true so that seed/peer data for all swarms are scraped before I start them.

-thats working fine, no issues there.

-webGUI version is 0.361

-I'm able to log in and execute commands just fine in webgui,

BUT all inactive torrents show 0(0) in the peers and seeds column on the webGUI, but those same torrents have peer/seed data in the utorrent client

is seed/peer data for inactive torrents just not supported yet, or is this a known bug, or just something screwy going on with my computer?

I tried doing


cleared browser cache, restarted browser, restarted utorrent, restarted computer, and all combinations of those.

any other ideas?

thanks in advance.

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oop, apologies, didn't notice the new utorrent version :o

updated to 1.8.1, but no change.

can anyone verify one way or another if they see data in the webGUI for seeds and peers on torrents that are stopped but have been scraped by the client?

I'm getting a feeling this hasn't been implemented yet and its just fairly low priority. hoping to verify that it holds true for others before I start digging around in the webgui source.

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