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Seedbox via webui


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So, i have a seedbox that is controlled via webui (i suppose that I'm not supposed to give a name, so I'm not going to do it)

My problem is:

a few days ago, the speed drop'd significantly, to 6 mB/s max, and the upload speed is max 10 kB/s. Before this happened, i cached speeds around 10 mB/s down and 10 mB/s up in the same time.

I saw that if i'm rising the disk chache size to ~200 the download pops up, but this is not what i have in my mind, cause then the hash check takes for ever..

Is there anything i can do?

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oh when i unchecked those two, the download reached 11.4 mB/s and the upload staid at ~200-300 kB/s and after that went back up to a couple of mB/s , this is better than nothing :)

and no :) is a seedbox with just the webui on a linux.

eh, the hash check still goes hard :)

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