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Speed problems, i swear i tried everything


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So i have set a static IP, and followed the tutorial on


I got Shaw XTREME and a Dlink-Extreme N Router..just picked it up today. Im getting speeds that average from 10-30kb/s. When my buddy who has Shaw XTREME is getting 540kb/s for that download. Sometimes i will only get 3kb/s

here are my Print Screens of my settings







I just can't get a decent speed.

when i went to speedtest.net i get average from 6000-8000kbps. But the main problem is opening that damn port, i keep gettign the:

Welcome to the µTorrent Port Checker.

A test will be performed on your computer to check if the specified port is opened.

Checking port 55641 on

Error! Port 55641 does not appear to be open.

Please see www.portforward.com for more information about how to map a port.

Please make absolutely sure that PeerGuardian2 or Protowall is allowing utorrent.com ( in either of those programs. Those of you using ipfilter.dat should make sure the list does not include the website's IP. After making sure of this, re-run this test by refreshing the page (F5).


I don't have either of those programs, so i don't know anymore. Shaw does throttle with torrents, but not that extreme, any ideas? Is it because of a disabled service or what?



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Hi, When you select and Static IP you also need to make sure it is Outside the Range of the Routers DHCP Start & End IP. Please Read this Guide on How to Choose a Static IP:


Are you on DSL?? If so what is the make & Model of your MODEM?? Also Do you have any firewalls, Internet Secruity Programs or Anti Virus w/Worm Blocker??

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