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delete unused torrent files in userprofiles/applicationdata/utorrent


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Well the subject says it I would like a button similar to the clear private data one, that would clear out the torrents from uTorrent's application data folder, as they gather there, as a regular torrent user, I cleaned of 100mb of .torrents the other day, which I had only just found out about this, these torrents I have not seeded or downloaded recently and there's no need to keep a copy of them, why not have a button that say after an amount of days, (settable by the user) will clean out all .torrent files not in use (uploading or downloading) because at present a torrent that was deleted in the UI, deletes the task, not the .torrent file, unless you use the remove and(delete .torrent (+data)) the reason behind this idea is that some .torrent files can become huge with piece size and file size, and novice users setting these incorrectly, now these .torrent files from last year in my case are just idling space that isn't justified with a purpose, a simple button that cleans up the application data folder in my profile would be of good use to me. Below is where all the .torrent files are stored


I think PROFILES would be substituted with "documents and settings" but my folders are custom named so I haven't used that naming convention in years.

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... You know you can change the default remove action, right? Press F1.

While I agree it's POSSIBLE to take up 100 MiB with torrents, and that once the torrent is removed from the view there really isn't much utility in keeping it there... I think what you're asking for could more be described "archive removed torrents and delete after X days". In either case this doesn't sound like something to add. Notice how many "scripted" features are added to uTorrent?

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what you said !! :)

"archive removed torrents and delete after X days".

Its exactly what i was trying to say, and to the f1 thing? i dont understand, you need actual torrents running while you press f1 ? and i meant 100MB not 100MiB? maybe thats how its spelt properly i dunno, i love utorrent cos its 263KB of raw power! im not on utorrent atm got no torrents running, if you describe this thing to me

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F1 is the "default" button in Windows for "Help". And now in 1.8 you can actually load the User Manual by pressing F1. So that you don't see this behavior later, I was trying to recommend you change YOUR default action to "remove and delete torrent".

If you're really interested in my units, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binary_prefix#Prefixes it's only because I like to be correct. And I hate hard drive manufacturers.

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In case someone else wants to remove the pilled-up trash that uTorrent has left behind (arrrr :angry:) and I am not the only sane person that wants this, here is a program that does this:




This is provided "as is".

The creator had no bad intentions whatsoever, but will not be responsible for anything bad related to that.

You can decompile it to see what it does.

It was built on some assumptions, but it seemed to be working great on my machine.


Note: It will delete nothing. It will just move the unused TORRENT files into a folder called "@removed" inside the original folder.

Then you can do whatever you want with those files, once you are 100% sure that μTorrent doesn't need them.

Try to run it when μTorrent is closed, to avoid possible conflicts.


Once you are clean, you can right click on the remove button on μTorrent's toolbar and set the default action, as the docs say, to avoid re-running this EXE...


Cheers! :)

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