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My webui is missing the icon bar at the top


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Hey all,

i recently upgraded from 1.7 with a manually installed webui to 1.8 with the packaged one. It was working fine for a few days but now when i open it i no longer get the icon bar with the buttons like add, remove, start stop and so on.

Does anyone know how to get them back?


I just tried removing the webui.zip then reinstalling it using the web link - that didn't work, still missing.

It's almost like i've dragged to toolbar somewhere and can't get it back... Is there perhaps a way to reset them?

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i had this same issue and was rather frustrated by it as I somehow hid it while viewing the WEBUI while viewing it from my iphone.

as you may have guessed there is no F4 key on the iphone so it was impossible to get back the toolbar.

can you make another option for recovering it from a right click menu or something so iphone users can still have control over it please?

edit: it seems just zooming in when viewing the WEBUI on the iphone is enough to hide it. and there is no way to get i back currently. =(

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