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Request: Referencial carperts for external disc


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I used a Utorrent in a external disc, with configuration put in the carpet of the external disc, like is explained in faq.

The problem, some times I used the external disc in other PC, and in it, the automatically assignament letter is diferent, and I must remane the letter, or star manually changing destination folders and recheckings.

I would like the carpets not be absolluty, better referencial for no affect disc letter change, for people we used utorrent in external disc with configuration in the external disc and will not be sure all times when connect de external dic the letter will be alwais the same.

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>>>I have NO CLUE what "carpet" means

Sorry, It means forlder.

>>>Uhm, you can override the drive letter PERSISTENTLY from start>run>compmgmt.msc

Some times, I go with the external disc for friends house. Some has diferent number of hard disk/dvd units, in some of then the letter is used, in others not...

>>>And I don't see how a non-absolute path will "fix" your problem.

Think I install and used Utorrent with configre files in disk G:. If I go to other PC, and it was read like I:, Utorrent can't find the archives.

If Utorrent remenber folder non-absolute like:

?:/Utorrent/Incoming/ and ? is automatically selected of utorrent working drive, will be no problem.

But now it remenber like G:/Utorrent/Incoming/ and for some reason drive mane change, Utorrent can find the folder.

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