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Can't get rid of the old round icon (have read the FAQ!)


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No matter what I do I can't get rid of the old round utorrent program icon associated with files with the extension .torrent. I have 1.8.1 installed (upgraded from previous versions) which has the newer square icon, however:

* Files with the extension .torrent still show the round icon

* The "Open with..." windows menu for files with the extension .torrent show uTorrent program still with the round icon

* The uTorrent .exe has the square icon in the folder: C:\Program Files\uTorrent

* The start menu shortcut for uTorrent has the the square icon

* I have deleted the windows file associations for .torrent file extensions and it comes back with the round icon when I associate from within the uTorrent 1.8.1 program

* When I try to re-associate the .torrent file extension with the uTorrent .exe in the folder: C:\Program Files\uTorrent manually, it still comes back with the round icon even though it shows the square icon as being to only one available for the uTorrent .exe.

I have reinstalled and still no luck.

Anyone know how I can get the square icon with the .torrent files

This screen shot might explain a little more...


Thanks for any help!


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