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I originally had an older version(1.7.7) of utorrent from just over a year ago and it was working just fine. I got a prompt to update to a newer version and I went ahead and updated it, but now it doesn't seem to do anything. I've tried torrents from isohunt.com, demoniod.com, and bitsoup.org. With the older version I had no trouble downloading and uploading any torrents from any of those sites. Now with this new version, I can't even get it to show how many peers and seeds there are. It attempts to download, but for only a few seconds and the the download arrow turns red or it turns into an red x. If you know where I can try downloading the older version again or know what I could do to rectify the problem that I seem to be having I would greatly appreciate it. I enjoy downloading new things and leaving them up there for others to be able to get, but with this problem I'm having I can't even seem to do that much. I'm also not good at all with trying to fix problems with programs, so if you know what I can do, please try to tell me in as much detail as you can. Thank you.

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