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Slow upload in 15/15mbit fibre wire connection


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I recently moved to a new apartment which has installed fibre wire. I gladly chose a speed of 15mbits upload and 15mbits download.

Had some disk overload issues on my quad core, 2GB XMS DDR2 and a 640GB WD which is known for the good performance as a drive so I followed some guidelines around here and gotten it solved. At least I think for now.

I run speedtests and they prove right the 15mbit up and down bandwidth more or less, I managed to max my download speed more than I could hope for, but my upload speed is disappointing, usually around 1mbit more or less(usually less).

I run a test and tried to seed a torrent which I already had, on pirate bay.

Seeds: 234

Leeches: 2635

The max I managed to get was 4-5mbits under a very special occasion such as this.

Any ideas ?

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I have forwarded the right port and it comes up green. DHT is OFF and protocol encryption is enabled.


I read somewhere that I had to change the option that is highlighted bellow to solve some of the disk overload errors. I changed the first number from 2 to 6.



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You read completely incorrectly. Disk cache settings used to be in the Advanced section many versions ago. diskio.coalesce_write_size is different, and should not be modified for this problem. It's for a separate problem, and shouldn't be increased the that level anyhow.

Are you still getting overloaded disks? What does the Speed tab's disk cache section show?

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Thanks for the help, There are no more disk overload errors.

And about my slow upload speed I guess it is not easy to upload at 15mbit speed if there are not enough leeches to download that much. I managed to get 12-13mbit upload while have lots of torrent on for seeding though.

Thanks again for all the help.

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