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UTorrent 1.8.1 vs Vuze 4.0 for speed upload


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I starting torrent about 3 month ago, never care about upload and agree that UTorrent the best client, clear, faster, smallest, and I have download more than 40 Giga.

1 Month ago, I try to upload for share my file. Utorrent only give me > 12 kb for upload, stop all download progress, I read more forum, guide, etc, still can't done, still > 12 kb. Then try Vuze 4.0, speed upload can reach 30 kb. In Vuze have feature dont count peer with download...... ???? kb, see section Option -> Queue, think that good point for get best peer can download my file.

I have request for:

1. collect per with specific rate download and upload speed, i think good for upload.

2. max connection for spesific torrent, not only global connection. i think good for upload.

Sorry if this post, not good news for you, I just want easy and faster.

I want use UTorrent again, I still vote UTorrent the best.


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Differences in upload speed between clients are solely due to settings and firewall/router configuration.



In particular, this section of that thread: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=15992#p258231

You may even need to enable protocol encryption.

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Well, apart from the fact that NAV can act like a firewall (and a bad one at that), read the specific links I gave. No other topics, just those 2 links.

If I were you, I'd remove Norton with the Norton Removal Tool and get a real AV. AVG is a decent choice. Norton has probably the worst detection rate in the industry.

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I back to V 1.6 and now Upload reach 18 kb.

What going on with new version?

Do you really NAV that mayor problem?

Are you really sure hate NAV! I not like enough to Norton, but AVG last time fail me. But I will try again use new version AVG for sure, maybe new more good.

By the way, you are respected admin. Good! 1 point for you ;)

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Norton always, ALWAYS blocks the new version unless you reset all rules in it and reboot your machine before adding new ones. Sometimes even that doesn't work because Norton is just so poor. The worm protection is near-useless.

That's why your speeds will plummet when upgrading.

And aside from that, Norton just has awful detection rates period. It's not worth paying for when AVG Free is 10x better of an antivirus.

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see again post #5.

More time format windows, so this mean no bad rule Norton, more reboot machine and I never use window firewall, after all driver install, then Norton then UT, finish, no more application. Then I command Norton allow UT use all possible port for in/out connection, give rule exception. All working properly except upload.

I try Vuze 4.0, starting upload with 4, 15, 20 upload slot, upload can reach 16 kb. then set option queue, raised rule don't count peer with .... 2K --> 7K, upload can reach 22 kb. Finally, I give unlimited connections and upload can reach 33 kb.

As long as I remember, I try all hint, guide, etc, except still use Norton because I don't have AVG Installer, don't worry, this night will try AVG.

Unlimited connection, I never try at UT. Why? I have more torrent file, with unlimited connection, my computer going crazy, ISP will call and block my account. So I request for apply specific amount connection for all torrent file not just global.


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