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Correct Port forward - Red icon


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Im running Utorrent behind a Netscreen 5GT. I belive I have a port forwarding thats setup correct.

The first week running this setup there where no problems, but now I constantly get a red icon.

Using the UT speedguide the port check says my port is open and forwarded.

setup is

Untrust 92.*.*.*


VIP and custom service setup with port *430* pointing to

Policy allow all to to from any using port *430*

Any1 know whats up? I can download pretty decently anyway so it does seem the listening port works, but outbound connections are terrible, so my upload suffers

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It lies outside the dhcp range. And yes, The netscreen is a firewall, and its setup with VPN, and policys so I've messed plenty with its options. Thing is I belive I know what im doing, everything else, including port forwarding for FTP, RPD and webb works as it should, all to differerent servers and machines on the internal net.

Update. For some reason remaking the policys and changing my static ip make the light go green. Strange as f*ck but Im not complaining:)

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