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create new torrent + edit subfolders


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i would love a new feature,

which makes it possible to set up a torrent file

to add some sub-folders to an existing folder

in the users download directory automatically.

i give you an fictional example:

i record many instruments and make small audio samples of each instrument.

the files i recorded of an instrument during one session are stored in one "Subfolder"

and all the "Subfolders" are stored on my harddrive.

the absolute path to these subfolders is:


imagine i already produced a torrent file with "Subfolder 001" to "Subfolder 017"

because these folders were alredy finished.

so my mates may already have the folders "Subfolder 001" to "Subfolder 017"

now i want to seed "Subfolder 018" to "Subfolder 033"

and if they downloaded them automatically via Feed,

all the subfolders should be stored into the folder "x/xylophon"

because my friends and i use this folder structure: "x/instument/subfolder 000"

therefore it would be necessary to "set a a new relative path" within the torrent file.

as an interface-designer i made you a little preview,

how the dialogue to create a torrent-file could look like:


i would love that feature so much,

that i'd also donate money for motivating you implementing it :)

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