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Recent Problem with ESET Smart Security and utorrent


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After searching the forum to try and figure out why there were thousands of seeders and I couldn't connect to any of them (or just a few), I tried the settings changes ultima suggested in the stickies, which did nothing. I also went into ESET Smart Security 3.0.642.0 and created a rule for utorrent allowing everything to go up and down ports 0-65535 in policy mode. Still nothing.

I found that if I disabled the firewall most trackers would stop timing out, I could connect to more seeders and I got higher dl speeds (I still don't feel like I'm connecting to enough seeds though). After disabling the firewall, I put the utorrent settings back to enable what I had turned off and there was no change.

I'm running XP 2002 sp3, utorrent 1.8.1, ESET Smart Security 3.0.642.0

port is forwarded properly, internet bogs when utorrent runs (tried disabling web access protection which had no effect) and eset has had trouble updating the last week or so (I am assuming it is timing out).

I have checked the ESET support, but I haven't found anything helpful.

Any more info you need, let me know. Thanks.


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