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Especific torrent wont get all seeds ... why ?


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Hello all.

I'm here to ask you guys something pretty strange wich is heapening to me.

I have finished downloading a game ( 8 gigas ) at 27 kpps +/-. Altought there was a loot of seedes it just wouldnt conect to all of them, and i start wondering if it was a problem with my computer or internet.

But then i asked a friend to download the same torrent ( game ) and he got avareage speed of 150 ~ 200 kpbs.

I got ok with it, since he has a 3mb connection and mine is 1 mb.

Later, i started downloading a new game, and again the same problem. The torrent just wont connect to all of the seeds, actually only 5 or 6 or less, even if there are 50 or more avaliable.

I downloaded the openoffice to test, and got 80 kpbs or more as speed.

At this night, i also started downloading a torrent ( redhot chili peppers complete discography - 2.5 gigas ) and for my surprise i got 60 ~ 80 kpbs speed, and i was connecting to 40 of 60 avaliable seeds.

OBS. My upload is strong as hell, if i allow, it would reach 50 kpbs ( my max ).

IS there anything i could do since only gammes torrent are not connecting to all seeds.


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Seeders leave after awhile...but it takes the tracker and other peers/seeds some time to recognize that. So the numbers also include already-left-and-never-coming-back seeds.

Some seeders have their ip address change once every few hours/days...this can make them be counted twice when their ip changes.

2nd link in my signature gives suggested settings for uTorrent based on your max sustainable UPLOAD speed.

Bad settings may work ok with many torrents...then cause all kinds of problems on very busy torrents.

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