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No Entry sign for torrent, but file is downloading, why?


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I have a torrent, which is marked with a No Entry sign. noentry.gif

The FAQ's say on this: This could happen when the tracker goes offline, becomes overloaded, or when the domain simply doesn't exist anymore. The trackers status states: HTTP Error 404. The thing however is that I CAN download form this tracker.

So what i'm wondering about is why do I get this No Entry sign for this torrent.

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Hi, i`m getting the same thing (all Tracker status show as OFFLINE (timed out) ), but this is from a registered website, and I know that the tracker is fine. Works in azeurus fine ( i`m looking for a more stable and less resorces dependant client!).

This worked fine in 1.3.2, and only seems to have started after the 1.4 update.

All my DL`s and seed are the same.

I am getting DHT fine, so I have uploads and DL`s working at present.

I like this client so far so a fix would be nice?

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I'm also getting this sign on 8 torrents (7 uploading and 1 downloading) on 5 different trackers. All of them "offline (timed out)".

None of them has any seeds, except in the brackets.

I find it strange that all of them would be offline or corrupt.

Version 1.4, build 402, WinXP.

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Ok. Tried the beta, it was the same. Patched the tcpip.sys to 128, net.max_halfopen to 64 first, then to 40.

It seems that the signs are gone, also browsing seems a bit faster. Great!


I noticed that AVG started to scan the AutoPOP3 e-mail with some (to me) unknown address. Googled and found two probable explanations:

1. There is malware on my comp, trying to send emails or something.

2. A p2p program uses e-mail ports for connecting peers.

I don't think I have any malware (still on-line scanning, which takes a day), so the 2nd option seems more probable. Also when I closed uTorrent I didn't see the AVG scanning e-mail messages anymore. I don't have any other p2p running.

Could uTorrent be the cause then?

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