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RSS Reader Problem


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Ive set up a number of feeds in the rss reader in µtorrent, and for the one that requires it added the correct uid and pass

Next i added some filters:

mp3* matched to original name


mp3* left unchecked

ive left the reader and over time in releases its got a number of torrents that have mp3 in them such as blahblah[192/mp3/2000] but it doesnt download them and history stays empty, i originally had more filters but disabled the rest til i could figure out what was wrong..

if the feed was wrong it should still download or attempt to download then spit out an error but nothin comes up..

any ideas?

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k i changed it to *mp3* and still nothin and no errors to say that it tried.. also i noticed that if i double-click a torrent in releases to download it, it goes into history but doesnt open in the client.. the files are downloaded on the computer however, in a temp folder, jus not automatically added..

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