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Something happened to my uTorrent - Slow Speeds, Slow PC, File Checks

Mr.Need Help

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Hey Guys,

Sorry if I don't supply you with all the facts you need but this is my first post on a forum...but I need help.

Once upon a time (1 week ago) my uTorrent ran beautifully. I could have as many downloads/uploads as I wanted, and could easily reach speeds of over 200kb/s. My uTorrent never crashed, or produced corrupted files, and it was like this for years!

Then 1 week ago something happened....I'm not sure what, but one night I was downloading a particularly large file and uTorrent began to slow down in speed. Within minutes it had dropped from over 1mb/s to 0.5kb/s. But that's not all, my pc began to slow down too! It became unresponsive and actually looked like my frame rate has been cut in half (my mouse would teleport across the screen when I tried to move it).

When I closed down uTorrent my PC returned to normality. However every time I opened it back up, within minutes, the same thing would happen again. uTorrent can still no longer maintain speed higher than 3 kb/s or so. Also, when I start up uTorrent (or even stop and restart a download) the program does a full check of the file to ensure its not corrupted, and even on a small file this check takes a HUGE amount of time. And my PC will become unresponsive and framey even during this checking process.

I can still have uTorrent open with my PC working normally, but it cant be downloading, uploading, or checking files or the problem starts again. My CPU activty DOES increased during these "episodes" of non-responsiveness, but only from 1-5% to 50-60%. After a few minutes of this increased CPU activty uTorrent stops trying to kill my processor and my PC returns to normality for a few minutes until the next CPU increase.

I've tried reinstalling uTorrent, restarting my router, restarting my PC, changing Hard Drives. Nothing has worked and the problem still persists. Has anyone encountered this before? Or know whats wrong?

(I haven't included my system/uTorrent settings as the program has ran perfectly for years and I haven't changed any of them)

Thanks Guys :)

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