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How to continue a d/l on another computer?


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Hi, I am new and I am sure this is a simple thing to do but I saw nothing about it on other parts of the forum. Anyway, I use utorrent on my work computer and my home computer. A lot of times I might start downloading something at work but it is not complete by the time I leave work. I would like to learn if there is a way to put the contents that have already been downloaded onto my USB pen drive or something then when I get home put the pen drive into my computer and somehow resume the download there on my computer at home. How would I go about doing this?


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That document and instructions did not help me. They seem to be if you want to move a torrent that is already completed downloading to another location on your hard drive or something like that and get it to load in utorrent and start uploading.

What I am talking about is starting a download at my work computer, have it get like 50% through, pause it, put the files on my USB pen drive and then when home move those files into the correct directory on my computer, get the file to be recognized by utorrent on my home computer THEN have the last half download to complete the torrent on my home computer. Can someone help me with that?

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@ pconyers : look dude this is very simple.

1. just copy the .torrent and the incomplete downloaded folder into your pen drive.

2. Drive and go home.

3. Dont lose your pen drive on the way.

4. Copy the .torrent and the folder into the computer.

5. Run the .torrent and a box will open.

6. In the box, there will be an address bar 'save as', where it points to the folder in which the file is to be saved. Change this location to the folder you just copied into your computer from your pen drive (which contains the incomplete downloaded file).

7. Now click OK. Dont change any other thing in the dialog box. utorrent will check uptill the percentage it was downloaded in ur office n then automatically resume download.

8. Do reply if it does or doesnt work. Always works wid me.

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To put it simple:

the addresses [i mean the Windows address bar addresses] on both the PCs should be same for the torrent to resume downloading...hope this helps.

for eg.

PC 1 - C:\Windows\Downloads\Movie_Greenzone

PC 2 - C:\Windows\Downloads\Movie_Greenzone

Uorrent is bound to resume in this method..

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